Who we are    

AIC – Aartech is one of the first corporate Atal Incubation Centres being established under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). A flagship mission of NITI AAYOG of the Government of India.

“We believe that there is no dearth of entrepreneurial talent in the Indian Youth, but there is certainly a clear need for initial hand-holding in the formative years.” We are a for-profit incubator with focus areas in manufacturing, education and social entrepreneurship.


Why us?

Incubating a startup company successfully involves many risks and challenges. We know it. We have been there. Done it. Every Innovation carries with it a potential that deserves to be explored. We are enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central India.


Maker Space

A space with meeting rooms, public and private area, workshop area to actually tinker with getting the maker out of you. Also, A rapid prototyping lab with 3D printers, CNC Routers, Laser Engravers, PCB millers.

Mentor Connections

We would connect you to the right mentor, Ask the right questions 🙂

Service Desks for your help

We have put together for you desks which provide Legal, IPR, Design, Accounting, Technological and Financial Help. 

Incubation Programme

Have a look at our incubation programme




At its core, AIC-Aartech is an initiative from people and organizations passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship have tremendous value building potential for the society. We have proof-of-concept backed by experience. And now, we would like to share this with many others. Entrepreneurship needs to go viral.

Our partners come from diverse backgrounds,

Aartech Solonics Ltd, OaSiS, DrmzTech, Oriental Institute of Technology.


Get in touch

Please send a whatsapp on +91 9111105831, or an email on ameya.waingankar@aic-aartech.in, or connect with us on facebook messenger. We would connect back with you.

Address :

Aashirwad “E-2 /57, Arera Colony, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – India. 462016

Where Magic Happens :
35 – A/36 Sector – B, Industrial Area, Mandideep, District Raisen, (Madhya Pradesh) India. 462046


We are enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central India.

A monthly dose of what’s going on here in at our Bhopal Incubation Center.

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Our Vision

To be a unique platform for enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central India


To co-create the next generation of successful state-of-the-art innovation-driven enterprises


  1. Establish a high-class incubation facility, including but not limited to: (a) suitable physical infrastructure and operating facilities, and (b) affiliations with sectoral experts.
  2. Enable support ecosystem for incubated startups, including but not limited to: mentoring, planning, organizing events, lab facilities, regulatory guidance, etc.
  3. Provide preference in support to startups or innovators that have applications/impact in the core sectors of the economy (e.g. agriculture, healthcare, clean energy and sustainable technologies, education, housing, transportation, cybersecurity, IoT, robotics and AI, water, and sanitation, etc.)
  4. Encourage innovation in the Indian ecosystem, through activities such as, but not limited to, (a) awareness workshops, (b) training and capacity building, (c) mentoring support, to early-stage startup enterprises.
  5. Encourage the creation of new technologies and intellectual property.
  6. To support and carry out any other activity relevant to promotion and incubation of startups in the country.



Our team


Amit Raje




Ameya Waingankar

Brand Manager & Executive Assistant to CEO /


Advisors :

Pradeep Ghosh

Founder – OaSiS



Pramod Maithil

Founder – Prakriti Initiatives



Manish Billore

Director – Oriental



Sudesh Morey

Founder – DrmzTech



Anil Raje

Founder – Aartech



Rapid Prototyping :

  • 3D Printer : Shaper jet
  • Vinyl Cutter :
  • CNC Router : SIL
  • Laser Engraver : SIL